“A weight brings me back,a hope brings me close”.

Combining experimental animation techniques and live performance, DAUGHTER explores the idea of inherited cycles of trauma in Blackness. It is a journey of escaping the past through the imagining of an unknown future; through the imagining of an unknown hope. It is inspired heavily from histories of trans-racial adoption and the specultalive fiction works of Octavia Butler, especially her seminal book, ‘Kindred’.

This video shows a short documentation of the installation part of 'DAUGHTER'; that was screened and performed at the experimental music and arts festival, Supernormal in August 2019. The piece was developed during the Supernormal 2019 artists residency in June 2019; The week-long residency provided participating artists with the opportunity to explore their creative practice within the unique context of Braziers Park, (the estate where Supernormal takes place) and develop a new work for the festival. ‘DAUGHTER’ was installed in an old Victorian greenhouse onsite of the festival, which is also where the performance took place.

The project has since recieved Arts Council England funding and has been developed into a longer audio visual performance, single channel piece and EP, called ‘DAWTA’

Images of the performances and GIFs of the 2019 edit can be seen below.