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Trespassers was a crowd funded music video I directed and animated for the Glasgow based band, The State Broadcasters.

Lightbulb Lady - Rebecca Davey
Mothman - Cameron Maxwell
Preacher - Sandy Bouttell
Produced by Yvonne Bray & Anna Odell
DoP - Ruan Suess
Camera Assistant - Rosanne Davidson
Art Direction - Jennifer Hanlon
Costumes Susan McComb, Joanne Ferrie & Maisie Cottingham
Model Maker - Nicola Welbourne
Set dressing - Russell McGovern
Animation DoP - Amélie Weisbecker
Timelapse photography Rob Cartwright & Matt Cameron
Catering - Gillian Fleetwood
Editor - Florian Nonnenmacher
VFX and Grade Playdead.tv

Lighting supplied by mathmos.com

Special thanks to Pico Pictures, Blue Iris Films, Film City Glasgow, DigiCult Flora Munro, Amy Kendall, Alice Stilgoe & David Smith.